Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Nautilus Experience”?

Nautilus is an iconic restaurant in Far North Queensland and the alfresco tropical dining that it offers is both unique and wonderful. Nautilus is the only truly outdoor dining restaurant in Port Douglas. Described as unforgettable by many, dining at Nautilus is something that needs to be experienced to understand why it has reached iconic status.

Nautilus has reached over 60 years of operation from it’s original site in Port Douglas and we have endeavoured to maintain a maximum of the old atmosphere for this site that was established back in the 50’s.

Is the restaurant really “outdoors”? What happens if it rains?

Yes, Nautilus is the only truly outdoor dining restaurant in Port Douglas. We share our dining with nature – in good and bad conditions. We are subject to the effects of the weather and let’s face it the tropics can hit some extremes in terms of weather.

Over time, our innovation has allowed us to handle all weather situations with with unimposing retractable canopies that maintain an outdoor feel even when it rains. There is nothing better than dining in this restaurant as the rain comes down overhead and refreshes the gardens.

The restaurant is all open-air. We do not have an air conditioned dining area, instead embracing the balmy tropics. We do have fans and chilled handtowels, plus an extensive menu of refreshingly cool beverages guaranteed to make you feel comfortable.

Can I come to Nautilus for drinks without dining?

Our wine list is extensive and possibly the largest in Port Douglas. Wine is available by the glass or bottle. Our canopy lounge is situated amongst the tree tops and provides a perfect setting for pre-dinner cocktails. A wonderful start to your Nautilus evening, this lounge is also available to non dining patrons who may wish to sample the Nautilus ambiance.

Priority is always given to guests who are utilizing the lounge as part of the full dining experience so please understand if we are unable to accommodate ‘walk-ins’ in the lounge during busier times.

With a fantastic cocktail list and a creative bar team on hand to mix your beverage of choice, Nautilus is an ideal location for an early evening cocktail, or for dessert & coffee later in the night.

How long should I allow for my Nautilus experience?

Our aim is provide our patrons a leisurely dining experience in a beautiful setting. To allow guests to fully experience and savour the relaxed atmosphere, our service is purposely slower compared to some other restaurants who may be anxious to hurry you through and turn tables.

We encourage you to embrace the relaxed nature of the tropics, to disconnect from the hustle of modern life and enjoy every moment of your Nautilus dining experience.

What should I do if I have an issue?

At Nautilus we pride ourselves on attentiveness and personalised service. We are also dedicated to ensuring every diner has the best possible experience. At any time during the evening if you have a concern or anything is not to your liking, please ask any waiter for assistance by requesting for your section waiter or the restaurant manager to come to your table. We do encourage this action and will respond immediately.

Are we able to dine with children?

To maintain the ambiance of the restaurant for all patrons, we do have a policy that children be over the age of 8. If you require a minder, we are happy to provide you with a number of well-trusted and recommended services in Port Douglas and surrounds.

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